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In this Page we will explain from a logical point of view how the website should be built
As all websites that starts from ‘0’ fist problem that all encounter are the referrals, and creation of strong  back links that gives the kick start for a new website.
Without a couple of ‘well done’ link pages or posts a website does not exist for search engines. Whatever  search engine we chose (google, bing, yahoo or you name it… ), if we do a search for most relevant key words for our website even that should match 100% with our website because is an unique address we might have the surprise that our page doesn’t even gets listed or appear in search results and if it does we get thousands of results but none of these shows our page or appears at least in first 10 pages of the results .
So we decided to leave behind the search engines as nowadays they’ve become too crowded or as some would say ‘a zoo’ . ”Pages are meaningless without a good title ,titles without a good text, texts without good keywords, keywords without having a good but unique connection with the text”  this last one being a reciprocal connection.
On the other side in the upper position are the  links that are containing all above, but have no value if they are not indexed by search engines, also a link must contain, be similar or relevant to the page, tile, text and keywords. Till here we already have plenty of restrictions and rules , and we didn’t even started yet
The LINK must then be strengthened with other Links that relate to our main LINK. So that the Website appears in listings . And here we start creating other pages, and the website menu is born, main page or homepage,  with other pages as they have to be related to one another. Other pages then should have sub-pages, this depending on how deep you want to go and so on BUT none of them will be relevant… Why?… Because all of them are hosted on the same website that is on the same server that has the same IP and the same  domain address that we registered. And here we pass from the Virtual point of view to the Physical point of view of SEO.
Now we start looking for other IP addresses or other servers or websites to relate to our website, so we start building other links that can strengthen our website links following the same rules as above. Attention many of us out of commodity tend to do the copy paste action, to ease the work but this will not help, you’ll get twice more efficiency by thinking by doing this manually and different in a unique way each time .
So we start creating posts, comments or even pages hosted by other websites or servers by attaching links that will lead to other links hosted o our page. Also we may write in simple text our webpage name address (URL) where we’re allowed. This way we will grow our website popularity in all.
Which are best and easiest places to create this posts pages or comments
-Posts & comments:
The more there are better chance you get that users will find you. Many of them can be for free others are payed but in our opinion best way to do then is free an permanent as temporary links disappear after a period of time and website rank on searchengines will get lower so you do the math.
Now we can start talking  and thinking something about Search engines.
Search engines are nothing less then programs that use an algorithm,  for now some of these algorithms are ”still” or static , some others may already become ”variable” as AI is already taking ahead.
Mainly they use spiders and robots when scanning each existing URL address or IP and they take time to scan the whole internet so till it gets to scanning your website you’ll have to be patient and prepare your website to be scanned as good as possible so your site will make a good impression, and will be taken in consideration by each search engine in part.
After they fully scan your website they will start ranking your website in their own search results and you’ll start seeing your website starting to show up in search listings wit some main keyword search that are related to your site.
The search engine algorithms nowadays use many variables that ”grade” each website that they scan and positions it in their own search results depending on:
  • website address or URL relevancy
  • website link relevancy
  • website text
  • website keywords
  • website language or multi language
  • website business location from contact page or map position if yo have a google map i.e. linked to your website
  • website social pages that are linked to your website
  • website internal links
  • website external links (here you may use links that send you back to your own referral post, this way you strengthen your back links and transform them in reciprocal links , careful thew rarely use this method of linking)
  • website referrals or links that are present on other pages that are related or different from your own website URL
  • website cookie pollicy
  • website adult content
  • server hosting region
  • server robots file robots.txt
  • server configuration file .htaccess (for use on web servers running the Apache Web Server software) only for webmasters
Taking all this variables in consideration and thinking it backwards you can start creating your successful website. Good luck with your work