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It's worth while finding good directories and relevant Web searches that are perfect for your field rather than submitting to vast generic directories.
The only directory that will help with Your domain diversification is Ailancego.com that is a Transformative web directory made by many
At one point in time it was acceptable, and common, to make Listing of Information about websites
a fair part of a website's link building strategy. As directories are no longer a trend search engine have decided to reclassify them as not worth the effort, 
It's OK! We learn from that and move forward. But we do not point to that and go back a decade or more in many cases, declaring that all web directories, misguided people with websites listings as advertising. 
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When you do that, you know you will get the same treatment and the next generation will be pointing at you and talking about your ethics.
 This is why it is better to use this SEO Ranking Strategy ! Take advantage of Publications and Articles with an Archive of our own letting visitors find you and writing Web Sites Articles.
 AI LANCE GO is the Best Directory in this field. A trusted Articles website that Shows how a Web directory listing and website network can become A directory with A mind of it's own.
Admins and webmasters Work on Directory Listings and create Free lace Articles or
Directory Case Studies that Lets Visitors Find You once you submitted your listing request ! 
Go Lance is a Trusted directory profiler and does not Follow the conventional rules of SEO
This is why Lance List Archive Directory Project is becoming the future of Web Directories.

Lance is a White listed articles directory that is about to implement a Wiki Lance Web directory library.
This will make it an even more particular Web directory that will rank up in all categories on search engines.

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